2021 ILR Members' Virtual Art Exhibit

Viewing options:  Let the show run automatically or use the side arrows (< and >) to view at your own pace.  Captions indicate the title and artist.  Below the exhibit is a list of artists with a link to their backgrounds and specific entries. 

"Australian Thoroughbreds" by Pete Lothrop
"Christmas Budweiser Clydesdale" by Pete Lothrop
"Cherry Blossom and Friends" by Pete Lothrop
"Missing You" by Pete Lothrop
"Teodoro" by Han de Nijs
"Country Side" by Han de Nijs
"The Hanze city of Lübeck" by Han de Nijs
"The White House" by Han de Nijs
"Lighthouses" by Donna Brown
"Rosy Gate" by Carolyn Schmick
"Farmer's Logs" by Carolyn Schmick
"Icy Koi" by Carolyn Schmick
"Stoneware Jar" by Alison Carr
"Lidded stoneware jar" by Alison Carr
"Moroccan-style table" by Alison Carr
"Fall Trail" by Carolyn Schmick
“Vision Quest” batik by Daisy Smith
“Red Rock Canyon” cross stitch by Linda Dye
"Victoria Falls and More" by Linda Dye
“Virginia Beach Dunes” by Daisy Smith
“Trudi’s Frozen Falls in Switzerland” by Daisy Smith
“Pennsylvania Manor House near Chadds Ford, PA” by Ted Feineis
“Stone Grist Mill located near Philadelphia, PA” by Ted Feineis
“Pennsylvania Farm scenes in snow” by Ted Feineis
“Farmhouse reflected in frozen pond” by Ted Feineis
“Royal Prince” by Lee Martin. Charles II authorized this British 100-gun flagship. It lasted for 143 years!
“Royal Prince” stern view of ship model by Lee Martin. Scale 144:1
“HMS Bellona” by Lee Martin. Launched in 1760, this 74-gun warship became the prototype for others in the British Navy through the Napoleonic Wars.
“HMS Bellona” bow view of ship model by Lee Martin. Scale 100:1
“Wild Mustang” by Roslyn Martin
“New England Fall” by Roslyn Martin
“Flight of Fancy” by Roslyn Martin
“To Thine Own Self Be True” by Martha Frost
“Lion’s Mane” by Martha Frost
"Big Bad Wolf" by Roy Cunningham
"Peek a Boo" by Roy Cunningham
"Happy Days" by Roy Cunningham
"Twenty Cents a Gallon" by Roy Cunningham
"Indian Spirit Doll" by Sue Cunningham
"Block Spirit Doll" by Sue Cunningham
"Blue Mermaid" by Sue Cunningham
"Underwater photography on ceramic tiles" by Nancy McWilliams
"Old Man of the Swamp" by Stu Saul
"Lake Michigan Shore" by Stu Saul
"Sandbridge" by Stu Saul
"Beached" by Stu Saul
"Christmas Quilt" by Gary Donovan
"Journaling Book" by Sue Cunningham

Meet the Artists

In place of an artist reception, you can click each name below and meet the ILR members who are sharing their artwork.   Their backgrounds and details about each entry reveal the range of talent and interests among our membership.  

Donna Brown Alison Carr Roy Cunningham Sue Cunningham

Han de Nijs Gary P. Donovan Linda Dye Ted Feineis

Martha Frost Pete Lothrop Lee Martin Roslyn Martin

Nancy McWilliams Stuart Saul Carolyn Schmick Daisy Smith

If you are interested in purchasing an item or wish to speak to an artist, please call the ILR office at (757) 756-4861 or email your request and contact information to office@ilrvb.org.

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