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News Alerts:  11/20/2020 update

*The ILR Office is open on a limited schedule.  TCC is closed to visitors at this time.

*Current Winter Class Schedule is now available under the blue tabs Registration and Current Forms and Flyers.

*All classes through February, 2021 will be held via ZOOM.  None will be held at TCC.

*Online Membership RenewalIf contact information is unchanged, you may renew online at this link:  Renew Your Membership Online.    This guide might help you navigate the process:  Membership Renewal Instructions with Screenshots.

*Mail-in Membership RenewalFind the form to download under the blue tab Current Forms and Flyers.

*Prospective members:  Please visit the blue tab Membership and download needed form.

    The pandemic forced us to cope with many changes.   Below members shared some of their brighter moments in quarantine.  Click to read more.

    One of the most fun and memorable things our family did to stay connected was to have “Throwback Thursdays,” where each week one of us would share, via group texts, family photos from both recent and long ago times, then in a flurry, we’d all send a comment in response. What interesting remembrances the many photos generated! Looking back on this most challenging time, and one we’re still dealing with, I have appreciated the less hurried pace and will remember fondly our special family “remote” get togethers.    --Pat

    For me one of the best surprises recently was finding out I could continue to be a member of ILR even though I moved to CT in May of this year. An added bonus was participating in Linda and Ed Dye’s Zoom class. Thank you for expanding membership and offering assistance with zoom.  -Betsey

    Introducing ILR at TCC

    The Institute for Learning in Retirement is a group of active seniors who are committed to life-long learning.  Based at the Virginia Beach campus of Tidewater Community College, we enjoy intellectually stimulating lectures,  discussion groups, social events, and trips.  

    For a yearly membership fee you will receive a quarterly schedule of our programs and events.  Classes, trips, discussion groups, and socials require registration and payment.  Read more to see if joining ILR might enrich your retirement life as well.

    Contact information:

    Office Phone Number:  (757) 756-4861


    Mailing address:  

    Institute for Learning in Retirement
    TCC--Virginia Beach Campus
    Princess Anne Bldg.  Room A--103
    1700 College Crescent
    Virginia Beach, VA 23453


    Anyone age 55 or older is welcome to join without regard to race, creed, color, or gender.  

    Unfortunately we will not be meeting on the TCC  campus during the fall. When we are able to return, please refer to the photos below for directions.  In the meantime, enjoy ILR classes through ZOOM.

    Welcome to the Princess Anne Building at Tidewater Community College.
    The ILR office is Room 103 inside this building.
    To attend a class, park in Lot 1 or 2. Proceed down sidewalk between the Lynnhaven and Blackwater buildings toward Pungo in the distance.
    Keeping going toward the door.
    Most ILR classes will take place in F-133, the lecture hall in Pungo.
    If you exit the Pungo Building from the back door, you will have this view of the Student Center. The cafe is on your left and the elevator entrance on your right.
    If you park in Lot 7, you have this view of the Student Center. Cross the bridge.
    Once you cross the bridge to the Student Center, enter this door to go to the desired floor.

    Find your way around

    Members are finding the campus easy to navigate, thanks to the helpful guards, when available, in Lots 1 and our reserved parking section marked by red cones.  

    Check the schedule of classes and join your friends at TCC.  Remember that most but not all classes will be in the Pungo Building (F).  Our business office is in the Princess Anne Building (A), which is near the flags and dolphin sculpture.  

    ZOOM into learning

    Beginning in August, our classes have been offered with ZOOM, a video conferencing program. Members now navigate their devices rather than roads and parking lots to enjoy ILR presentations.

    To help everyone make this transition to meeting friends and presenters on a screen rather than in person, we now offer revised instructions for particular devices.  The list below is repeated under the blue tab Current Forms and Flyers.

    ZOOM APP download instructions

    ILR Zoom on an iPad

    ILR Zoom on Computers and Laptops

    ILR Zoom on iPhones, Small Tablets, and Smartphones

    ILR Zoom on Phones   

    If you have moved from the area, you can maintain your membership and attend  ZOOM classes. 

    Art from our Members

    Even though the ILR Spring Art Show was canceled, most artists are still working in their studios.  Enjoy these samples of our members' talents.

    "We Almost Went Over" by Pete Lothrop
    Acrylic by Alison Carr
    "Flowers in the Shade" by Stu Saul
    "Gazebo at Atlantic Shores" by Stu Saul
    "HMS Pegasus" 1776 British escort ship with oars deployed for navigating to inland ports by Lee Martin
    "La Couronne" (The Crown) 1637 French flagship of King Louis XIII" by Lee Martin
    "Bass Harbor Light, Acadia National Park, Maine" cut paper by Roslyn Martin
    Paint pour #1 by Margie Cole
    Paint pour #2 by Margie Cole
    Watercolor by Alison Carr
    "Hard Day's Work" by Roy Cunningham
    "Tallinn Town Square, Estonia" by Roy Cunningham
    "St. Basil's, Moscow, Russia" cross stitch on 18 ct Aida cloth by Linda Dye
    "Village in Sunlight" by Han de Nijs
    "Night at Train Station" by Han de Nijs
    "Tai Chi Quilt" by Gary Donovan
    “Two Red Spine Cheek Anemone Fish,” Papua New Guinea, 40’ deep by Nancy McWilliams
    “Necklace Sea Star with Blue Tunicate,” Papua New Guinea, 50’ deep by Nancy McWilliams
    "Salt Marsh" by Carolyn Schmick
    "Little Man" by Martha Frost
    "Alley Cat" by Martha Frost

    Institute for Learning in Retirement is a life-long learning group operating in a partnership between Tidewater Community College and ILR . We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Copyright 2019

    Hours: 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM Monday through Friday
    Email:  Office@ILRVB.ORG
    Phone: 757-756-4861

    Copyright 2019

    Institute for Learning in Retirement is a 501(c)(3)
    non-profit organization.

    Institute for Learning in Retirement
    TCC-Virginia Beach Campus
    Princess Anne Bldg. A-103
    1700 College Crescent
    Virginia Beach, VA 23453

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