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NOTES FROM THE OFFICE:  2/22/2024 update 

*Online registration for 2024 Winter classes opened December 1.  

*The ILR on-campus office is open on a limited schedule. It is staffed Wednesdays, 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Contact office for full schedule.

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*Current Members can also join our private Facebook Group at 

*If you have not changed your address or contact information, you may renew your membership online at this link:  Renew Your Membership Online

    ILR promotes learning and curiosity in retirement

    The Institute for Learning in Retirement, called the ILR, is a group of active seniors who are committed to life-long learning.  Membership is open to all who are retirement age without regard to race, religion, gender, color, or national origin.  

    Based at the Virginia Beach campus of Tidewater Community College, we enjoy intellectually stimulating lectures, discussion groups, social events, and trips.  

    While the pandemic alters our meeting together on campus, we continuedto enjoy intellectual experiences with classes delivered via Zoom.  So do not wait for Covid to disappear in order to meet our community of learners.

    For a yearly membership fee you will receive a quarterly schedule of our programs and events.  Classes, trips, discussion groups, and socials require registration and payment.  Read more to see if joining ILR might enrich your retirement life as well.

    Contact information:

    Office Phone Number:  (757) 756-4861


    Mailing address:  

    Institute for Learning in Retirement
    TCC--Virginia Beach Campus
    Princess Anne Bldg.  Room A--103
    1700 College Crescent
    Virginia Beach, VA 23453


    Current Members can join our Facebook Group at 

    Guide to Pungo Building

    Our ILR classes will be held in the auditorium of the Pungo Building on the TCC campus. You will enter the parking area by Michael La Bouve Drive.  Walk past the Lynnhaven Building E toward the Pungo Building F located behind it. Security protocols of TCC asked us to use the main entrance to the Pungo Building. The red arrows on the photographs below indicate the path.  We are asked to walk around the left side of the building and enter through the door facing the center of campus.  Inside you just need to turn right and you'll see the familiar entrance to the Pungo Auditorium.

    Check the map to see the general area .    Campus Map  

    Need help with zoom?

     ZOOM, a video conferencing program, will be used to deliver many of our winter classes. Below are specific instructions to help everyone stay connected on particular devices.  

    ZOOM APP download instructions

    ILR Zoom on an iPad

    ILR Zoom on Computers and Laptops

    ILR Zoom on iPhones, Small Tablets, and Smartphones

    ILR Zoom on Phones   

    If you have moved from the area, you can maintain your membership and attend  ZOOM classes. 

    Annual Membership Luncheon and election

    The 2024 Annual Membership Luncheon will be held Thursday, March 21 at Outback Steakhouse in Virginia Beach.  Besides socializing with new and old members, we will introduce the new officers and member-at-large who will have been elected by that date.

    Voting will be conducted by email, and a ballot with voting instructions will be sent via email to current members by Friday, February 23.  Those without Internet access will be mailed a ballot.  Responses are needed by March 15 to calculate the vote.

    The proposed slate is below, and biographies are available here:

    President                            Linda Dye (April-October) 

    Mike McGraw (November-March)

    Vice President                   John Hammond

    Secretary                              Anita Chastain

    Treasurer                            Sandy Fallon

    Member-At-Large             Barbara DiGiorgio

    If you can attend the Annual Membership Luncheon, please register by Monday, March 11 either online or by mailing your check to the ILR office.   Check this flyer for further details of the event.

    The cost of the luncheon is $31.  You will order your entrĂ©e at the luncheon, but click here now for the choices available. 

    We are eager to visit with friends and anticipate another year of life-long learning.

    Royal Soleil finds home

    Lee Martin’s model ship has found a new berth at the Joint Use Library on the Virginia Beach campus of Tidewater Community College.  “Royal Soleil” was the flagship created by King Louis the 14th, and its scale model was Martin’s largest project to date.  He displayed the model first at the 2023 ILR Art Exhibit held at the library, and now it will remain there.  Visitors can use the stairs or elevator to the second floor of JUL to see the elaborate ship.

    Martin taught himself model ship building after he retired as a computer programmer.  His other ship models can also be seen at the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in Nauticus and at the Mariner’s Museum in Newport News.  Below is his description of this ship’s history:

    “The Soleil Royal (Royal Sun) was a flagship built by Louis the 14th and launched in 1670.  It was the most richly decorated of all his ships, with sculptures on the bow and stern areas ascribed to Caysevox, a famous artist and favorite of Louis, whose work is also seen throughout the Versailles palace.  She was armed with 104 cannons and crewed by about 1000 sailors.  In 1690, she commanded a fleet that surprised the English at Beachy Head, sinking a number of ships and giving the French command of the Channel...for a time.

    In 1692, the English struck back in a battle that spanned the English Channel's French coast.  Badly damaged, she was beached at Cherbourg.  She was then rammed by a fire ship (appropriately named "The Blaze"), which ignited the powder magazine, blowing up the ship and sinking her.  Only one crewman survived.”


    Institute for Learning in Retirement is a life-long learning group operating in a partnership between Tidewater Community College and ILR . We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  Copyright 2019-2022

    Hours: Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. (contact office for additional availabilities)

    Email:  Office@ILRVB.ORG
    Phone: 757-756-4861

    Copyright 2019-2023

    Institute for Learning in Retirement is a 501(c)(3)
    non-profit organization.

    Institute for Learning in Retirement
    TCC-Virginia Beach Campus
    Princess Anne Bldg. A-103
    1700 College Crescent
    Virginia Beach, VA 23453

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