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ILR works on the TCC building schedule.   However, if an ILR event is scheduled to be held at the TCC Virginia Beach campus & the college is unexpectedly closed, ILR may switch the event to ZOOM ONLY . Check your email for a notice from ILR.


  • Check local radio and TV stations (3, 10, and 13). 
  • Call the TCC main campus info line:  (757) 822-1122.  
  • Check the ILR home page. If at all possible, we will update it to indicate program cancellations.
  • Receive TCC alerts directly on your device by signing up here.
  • Check your email for a notice from ILR. If TCC is closed, ILR may switch to Zoom Only.


If TCC has a 2-hour delayed opening, any ILR morning class may be switched to Zoom Only. Check your email for a notice from ILR.  Afternoon classes will go on, unless we notify members by phone and/or email.

If TCC must close at 2pm, the afternoon classes may be switched to Zoom Only. Check your email for a notice from ILR.

Hours:  Wednesdays 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. (contact office for additional availabilities)

Email:  Office@ILRVB.ORG

Phone: 757-756-4861

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Institute for Learning in Retirement
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